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Tracheostomy Oxygen Delivery Mask

Our Tracheostomy Oxygen Mask is made from premium non toxic PVC, the quality of the oxygen delivered through the trach mask is never compromised, ensuring that through the delivery process from the concentrator to the mask, the oxygen remains pure.

  • Brand:

  • Color:

    Transparent or Green
  • Size:

  • Material:

  • Application:

    Oxygen Therapy
  • MOQ:

  • Lead Time:

    60 days
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  • Packaging Details:

    Individually packed in a poly bag
  • Carton Size:

    48 x 36 x 28 CM / 100 PCS

  • Non toxic PVC material prevents any occurrence of allergies and infections in the neck area, providing focus on the oxygen therapy for better recovery.
  • A transparent green mask allows you to determine soiled areas, providing clear indications of wear and tear, so users would know when it is time to change their mask and tubing for maximum hygiene management.
  • Oxygen Tubing Adapter included.

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4.3 kg




4.6 kg

Product FAQs

Q:What is the flow rate for a tracheostomy mask?

A:Rate must exceed 5 liters/minute to flush mask of carbon dioxide. In high humidity masks, oxygen should be turned up until mist flows from mask. For low flow systems: (a) Simple mask: 6-8 L/minute provides 40-60% oxygen. (b) Partial rebreather mask: 6-11 L/minute provides 50-75% oxygen.

Q: What is the tracheostomy use?

A: Providing the oxygen to the tracheostomy patient is crucial and it is done through the tracheostomy mask. These masks are specially designed to be placed over the trach stoma and secure round the neck. The mask is connected to an oxygen reservoir with the help of an oxygen tube.


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