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Most Comfortable PVC Oxygen Nasal Cannula

Our Nasal Cannula is made of medical grade PVC with transparent and soft O2 safety tubing. You will find it durable yet comfortable to relieve pressure on and behind the ears and prevent pressure ulceration with infant, pediatric and adult types available.

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    Oxygen Therapy
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    Individually packed in a polybag
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    51 x 28 x 21 CM / 100 PCS
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    4.1 Kilos
  • The cannula we carry features soft and highly elastic tubing. Our soft cannulas are designed to slide easily over the skin, allowing free movement with no discomfort and pain to the patient.
  • This clear lightweight cannula with unique one-piece anatomical design eliminates the need for flap which can cause irritation.
  • Our cannulas are manufactured with an elastic material that won't cause pain or pressure build behind the ears which is commonly complained by patients owing to the hard tubing of most cannulas for oxygen machines.

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Product FAQs

Q: What percentage of oxygen is delivered through a nasal cannula?

A:  This nasal cannula can provide oxygen at low flow rates—up to 5 litres per minute (L/min)—delivering an oxygen concentration of 28–44%. Rates above 5 L/min can result in discomfort to the patient, drying of the nasal passages, and possibly nose bleeds (epistaxis).

Q: When would you use a nasal cannula?

A: Nasal cannulas are used to deliver oxygen when a low flow, low or medium concentration is required, and the patient is in a stable state. They deliver oxygen in a variable manner; this means the amount of oxygen inspired depends on the patient's breathing rate and pattern.

Q: Which way does nasal cannula go?

A: Turn the cannula so the prongs are curved downward. It has curved prongs so they fit more naturally inside the nostrils. Hold the cannula so the prongs are pointing up toward the ceiling and curve down toward you.

Q: Can a nasal cannula be used on a non breathing person?

A: Nasal cannulas also can be used if the victim does not want a mask on his or her face. A resuscitation mask with an inlet valve may be used with emergency oxygen to give rescue breaths to breathing and nonbreathing victims. The recommended flow rate when using a resuscitation mask is 6 to 15 LPM.

Q: How often do you need to change the nasal cannula?

A: If you are only using your cannula and tubing a few hours a day, it is recommended that you change your tubing and cannula, every 3-6 months. If you use your concentrator more than a few hours a day, it is recommended to change your cannula on a monthly basis and your tubing, at least, every 2-6 months.

Q: How do you clean nasal cannula?

A: Wash the cannula/mask in warm, soapy water and then rinse it thoroughly with a solution of 10-parts water and one-part vinegar. (Vinegar will kill any bacteria, but will not affect the plastic tubing.) Finally, rinse well with hot water and hang it to dry.


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