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Adjustable Venturi Oxygen Delivery Face Mask

This Venturi Oxygen Mask features six color-coded diluter jets which represent oxygen concentration levels ranging from 24% to 50% to accommodate pediatric or adult patients. All standard venturi face masks are under-the-chin style.

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    Oxygen Therapy
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    Individually packed in a poly bag
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    59 x 40 x 38 CM / 100 PCS
  • The color-coded diluter jets represent different oxygen concentration level at 24%(blue), 28%( yellow), 31%(white), 35%(green), 40%(red), 50%(orange).
  • The corrugated tube helps lengthen the catheter to be connected to the diluter so various oxygen flow angles is possible. We have venturi oxygen mask both with and without corrugated tube available.
  • The nose clip is controllable to fit perfectly and comfortably to patients’ noses with different anatomical shapes.
  • The elastic strap is attached to the oxygen mask so it can help fix the mask position on the patient’s face without randomly movement.
  • Even if the tube is kinked, the fluent oxygen flow can be ensured as the 2m long tube is made anti-crush and flexible.
  • All materials are not made with natural rubber latex.

Item No.


W/ Corrugated Tube


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8.8 kg


Pediatric - S



9.8 kg


Pediatric - M



10.0 kg


Adult - M





Adult - L





Adult - XL



11.1 kg

Product FAQs

Q: How much oxygen does a Venturi mask deliver?

A: Oxygen flow rates ≤5 L/min can be used with nasal cannulas, each increment of 1 L/min increasing the Fio2 by approximately 4%. Venturi masks, calibrated to deliver Fio2 between 24% and 50%, are most useful in patients with COPD as they allow the Po2 to be titrated, thus minimizing the risk of CO2 retention.

Q: What is the main advantage of the venturi mask?

A: Without adequate oxygen, the body's cells: incompletely convert glucose into energy, and lactic acid accumulates in the blood. The main advantage of the Venturi mask is: the use of its fine adjustment capabilities in the long-term management of physiologically stable patients.Venturi masks are able to provide total inspiratory flow at a specified FiO2 to patients therapy.

Q: When using at home, how often do you need to replace the oxygen mask?

A: When using Oxygen Mask at home, be sure to replace the device every 10 days if being used continuously, or every 30 days if using occasionally.

Q: Are FirstCare Venturi Masks free of natural rubber latex and phthalates?

A: Yes they are latex-free and Phthalates-free.


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