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Waterproof Adhesive Silk Medical Tape

Silk tape shares many of the same uses and benefits of other medical tapes, but it has the added benefits of bi-directional tear ability and being easy to cut to any size and shape to suit a variety of application areas and methods. It is also a perfect alternative for patients who are allergic to adhesives.

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    Please refer to size chart in description below
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    Bandage or Dressing Retention
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    Depends on size required
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    45 days
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    Packed in unit box

  • This white adhesive tape is made from silk-like cloth making it hypoallergenic. It won’t give you a rash even if you have sensitive skin.
  • Our tape holds securely for long-term wear and can be removed from the skin gently, without causing damage to the skin.
  • The tape has a convenient bidirectional tear, making it easy to tear. It sticks firmly onto the skin, keeping everything in place while still being breathable and comfortable.
  • Unlike most adhesives silk tapes, this one is water resistant. It is able to resist the penetration of water to some degree but not entirely.

Product FAQs

Item No.




1.25 x 914 cm

24rolls/box, 30boxes/carton


2.5 x 914 cm

12rolls/box, 30boxes/carton


5 x 914 cm

6rolls/box, 30boxes/carton


7.5 x 914 cm

6rolls/box, 30boxes/carton


1.25 x 500 cm

24rolls/box, 30boxes/carton


2.5 x 500 cm

12rolls/box, 30boxes/carton


5 x 500 cm

6rolls/box, 30boxes/carton


7.5 x 500 cm

6rolls/box, 30boxes/carton


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