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Fox 40 Red Lifeguard Whistle with Lanyard

Lifeguards don’t have any time to waste when they need to alert people to possible danger. One sharp tweet on their whistle should be enough to draw all eyeballs on the beach or in the pool to their chair. Giving your lifeguards the right tool for the job is an essential part of water safety — and the Fox 40 Whistle is that tool they need. The whistle emits a loud noise with strong sound power. The Fox 40 Whistle comes in a variety of colors as well to match your uniforms.

  • Brand:

  • Item No.:

  • Color:

    Red or Customized
  • Size:

    Fox 40 Classic
  • Material:

    ABS Plastic
  • Type:

    Lifeguard Whistle with Lanyard
  • MOQ:

    1250 PCS
  • Lead Time:

    10 Days
  • Shipping Terms:


  • Red plastic lifeguard whistle with customized logo on demand.
  • Whistle is made from durable ABS plastic and makes a great safety whistle.
  • 3-chamber pealess design. It cannot be over-blown. The Fox 40 has no pea to collect dirt and bacteria.
  • Perfect for lifeguards, swimming pools and waterfronts.
  • The sound power of this fox 40 pealess whistle starts at 105 decibels.
  • Super soft, lightweight and enjoyable lanyards


Item No.



0.8 oz

Sound Power

At least 105 dB


52x42x37 CM / 1250 PCS

Product FAQs

Q: What is a Fox 40 whistle?

A: Unlike old-fashioned whistles that usually have a pea inside, the Fox 40 avoids pea technology and has no moving parts, and therefore it cannot jam or freeze. The Fox 40 can be submerged in water and brought back into the air and blown immediately because the water will drain from the chambers. It is preferred by mariners, lifeguards, and other people who work under similarly intense conditions.

Q: How loud is a Fox 40 whistle?

A: The sound power of Fox 40 whistle starts at 105 decibels.

Q: How do you clean a whistle?

A: Place somewhere safe and let it dry overnight. A possibly quicker, method to cleaning a whistle is a Q-tip in water. Just dip the Q-tip sides in water and use each side to rub the entire whistle clean. This alone won't help to disinfect it, so also add another Q-tip in alcohol and disinfect the whistle.


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