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Disposable PVC Endotracheal Tube

The FirstCare PVC ET Tube is a disposable, simple to use alternative airway device that provides superior patient ventilation. The tracheal tube is made from soft, medical grade PVC come in both cuffed and uncuffed with Murhpy Eye.
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  • Color:

  • Size:

    Please refer to specification section below
  • Material:

  • Application:

    Airway Management
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  • Lead Time:

    60 days
  • Shipping Terms:

  • Packaging Details:

    Individually packed in a poly bag
  • Carton Size:

    42 x 38 x 32 CM / 100 PCS

  • Made from soft, superior medical grade PVC
  • Fully disposable
  • Transparent design
  • X-ray opaque line visible through the whole tube
  • High volume and low-pressure cuff is optional
  • Both cuffed and uncuffed options with Murhpy Eye


Item No.









150 - 330

2.5 10.0

3.7 13.3



  150 - 330

2.5 10.0

3.7 13.3


Product FAQs

Q: What are the different types of endotracheal tubes?

A: Types of endotracheal tube include oral or nasal, cuffed or uncuffed, preformed (e.g. RAE (Ring, Adair, and Elwyn) tube), reinforced tubes, and double-lumen endobronchial tubes.

Q: What are endotracheal tubes used for?

A: An endotracheal tube is a flexible plastic tube that is placed through the mouth into the trachea (windpipe) to help a patient breathe. The endotracheal tube is then connected to a ventilator, which delivers oxygen to the lungs. The process of inserting the tube is called endotracheal intubation.

Q:What is an ET tube used for?

A:The tracheal tube is a catheter that is inserted into the trachea for the primary purpose of establishing and maintaining a patent airway and to ensure the adequate exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide.

Q: How do you know what size ET tube to use?

A: Usually you can find the size marking on the ET tube.The outside diameter (OD) and internal diameter (ID) of an ET tube should be marked on the side of the tube. Typical ID sizes range from 3.5 mm for small infants to 8.5 mm for adult males.


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