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Seven things you need to know before buying a CPR Pocket Mask May 17,2019.

A CPR Pocket Mask or CPR mask, is a device used to safely deliver rescue breaths during a cardiac arrest or respiratory arrest. Anyone can find themselves as a bystander in an emergency. The key is to be prepared. It is also one of the essential items that a professional first responder needs to have in his or her EMS jump bags. When choosing a CPR pocket mask, the first thing we need to know is that if it can be used on an adult as well as a child. There are a few other things to consider. We hope that this article can help you get a clear idea about what to know before making the purchase.

CPR Pocket Mask

1. As we mentioned above first thing we need to know when choosing a CPR mask is if the mask is universal or not, meaning can the mask fit around the face of an adult and child as well as an infant. It is both practical and beneficial to allow the emergency provider to handle anyone out there, increasing the lifesaving speed and survival rate of the victim. The soft contoured vinyl cuff allows FirstCare’s CPR mask to shape to anyone, large or small. While carrying a one size fits all mask is very practical, having a mask that is specially constructed to provide a tighter seal with infant faces makes CPR on infant patients safer, an adult infant CPR Mask kit will be an excellent companion for providers that often come in contact with infants and children.

Adult CPR Mask and Infant CPR Kit

2. The second important thing to look for is does it come with a filtered one-way valve which can prevent cross contamination between the provider and the patient. The valve being one-way ensures that air only goes one way, through a quality filter. When the CPR masks are being used in a training or emergency rescue, it is also important that the valve is replaceable and detachable, this allows the valve to be replaced when necessary.

3. FDA and 510K approved – While the FDA does not endorse specific medical devices or medical devices manufacturers, it is important that the manufacturer is registered with the FDA so that you are certain that the resuscitation mask can do its job when the time comes. A 510(k) number is a premarket notification number that is required for certain classes of medical devices in the US and CPR masks are required to have the 510(k) number. Many other countries, take Australia as an example, recognizes the same level of qualification meaning that some FDA approved medical devices can be exempt from their local food and drug administration such as the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia). Always get the mask from a reputable company and always ask if they are FDA approved.

4. Head Strap – It is beneficial for the resuscitation mask to have a head strap, preferably made of elastic which can facilitate hands-free operation in an emergency situation, meaning that the mask can be wrap around the victim’s face and stay in one place. It makes it easier and practical for the provider to administer resuscitation breaths.

5. An alcohol wipe – Some masks such as the FirstCare’s Pocket Resuscitation Mask comes with one or two antiseptic wipes that can be used in an emergency and training situation to help prevent infection. This often helps protect the first aid provider as well as the victim.

6. A pair of latex-free gloves – Although it is not one of the mandatory accessories that has to be included in a CPR Pocket Mask, a pair of gloves allows for an even more added protection when interacting with the victim during resuscitation.

7. All the items mentioned above, the CPR mask itself, one-way valve, wipes and gloves should come in a convenient carrying case. The benefits in having a carrying case, whether it is a snap-to-open, clam-shell plastic Pocket Resuscitation Mask case or a soft nylon zipper pouch, are to keep all the items in one place and to help the items remain sterile. It often allows for easier and quick access to the kit in an emergency and helps the mask remain free and protected from outside elements, until ready to be used.

Wholesale CPR Mask

As you have read above, there are many, many aspects that go into choosing a top-quality CPR pocket mask. You can read more about our CPR mask in the product page or email us directly at info@firstcaresolution.

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